Why get a customized website or webpage for your next special event?
It's fun, easy to use and spotlights your child for their big day!

Now designing virtual Bar and Bat mitzvah packages.

If your guests can't be there bring the Mitzvah event to them.

CONTACT EVENTIVE STUDIOS today to get a custom package!

MitzvIT! is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah one-stop-shop. We save you the work by providing customer service and hand-holding during the planning process of your child's special weekend.  


We create a personalized branding of websites, graphics, and resources that feature your child and the exciting buildup to their special weekend. Our designs can help build the theme of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah party as it leads up to the event weekend.


We suggest starting with a unique and custom website that contains all your planning information that your guests need to know. This new informational tool provides travel information, personal messages and links to Mitzvah projects, photo galleries, and more importantly, a real-time online RSVP system that will save you time, money and keep you and your vendors organized with essential lists. 


We are also your source for an array of products like invitations, banners, custom photo booth props, backdrops, large photos, posters, specialty items, giveaways, t-shirts and so much more!  


MitzvIT! can help you save money and time. Let MitzvIT! show you how. Call us today for a free consultation!

Easy, stressless & organized

All the information about your special event in one customized website for you to share.

RSVP's in seconds

Collect and track your guest list efficiently and easily with our online RSVP system.

Easy & instant communication

Communicate with your guests and keep them updated with the planning of your special day.

Help your guest plan

Connect your guests with all their travel needs with a click of a mouse.

Showcase your teen

Give your child a place to show their friends and family a bit about their lives and their passions.

Mitzvah Project

Your teen can explain their mitzvah project and why it is important to them.

Keep the party going

Following your mitzvah weekend, we can revise your website to include your photographer's and guests' photos and video clips.

Do less work and get more done,

so there's more time for the fun.

Just like your event, your Bar/Bat Mitzvah website can run the gamut from strikingly simple to simply sensational. So, add a new tradition to this time-honored religious tradition