Q: I already bought a domain name through another service. Can I use that on my MitzvIT! Website?

A: Absolutely! We can easily use a domain purchased through any service with your MitzvIT! website.


Q: Why are online RSVP’s better than the traditional paper RSVP’s?

A: No more dealing with hand numbering invitations for people counts, Return to Senders, incorrect addresses, counting and recounting responses, etc. Online RSVP’s keep track of all your guests for you. You can include meal choices, different RSVP’s for various events, ask questions, or any other customization you need. You can access these responses at any time via any device and easily download them into excel spreadsheets for you or send them to any of your vendors.


Q: Does MitzvIT! provide printed invitations or save-the-date designs that match my website?

A: We can design either printed or digital invitations in any theme. We work with local printers to design invitations and any printed materials for all budgets. 


Q: When should we start the MitzvIT! design process?

A: Ideally, we should begin the design process one year out from your event. However, we are ready when you are and can work with your timeline to get everything up and running when you need it.

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